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Skip to content. Nobody can hurt me without my permission. Of the impatience shown by another person in a specific situation. You perceive their impatience as a personal attack on you, and this has caused you to feel miserable. You have a victim mentality.

How to Overcome Hurt and Start Moving on with Your Life

You feel sorry for yourself and sorry for your life. Everything that happens to you seems like a direct personal attack. You have an unmet need for self-love. You lack attention to detail. Something has happened. Ask yourself: What happened? How did I initially feel about this situation?

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What was my initial response to this situation? Why did I respond this way? How am I feeling at this very moment? Why am I feeling this way? These questions will help you pinpoint what exactly is happening on the surface. Your hurt feelings though might actually go a little deeper than surface level experiences. Ask yourself: What is really causing my feelings of hurt?

Do these feelings of hurt go beyond these events? What could be the underlying cause of my feelings? What important insights do I gain from this assessment? Ask yourself: What was the other person trying to do?

Why did they do or say these things? What are they trying to gain from this situation? Did they just hurt me, or did they also hurt other people as well? Was it stress? Was it something else? Ask yourself: Did they hurt me intentionally? What could their real intentions be in this situation? Do they have my best interests at heart?

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What if there is a misunderstanding here? What information will I need from the other person to clarify this situation? Ask yourself: Could they be hurting in some way? What could be the source of their pain? How could I best get them to open up and talk about their feelings? Are my expectations realistic? Are they helpful? What if I had different expectations? How would that help? Instead, talk things through and help the other person see the situation through your eyes.

Suggestions for Overcoming Hurt Feelings of hurt are never easy or straightforward to deal with. Let Go of Past Hurts Are you holding onto things that hurt you years ago?

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Always Accept Responsibility Your pain feels at its worst when you feel as though you had very little control over the situation. Surround Yourself with Inspiring People One of the best ways to make yourself feel better almost instantly is to talk about your feelings with other people. People Make Mistakes Sooner or later someone will hurt you. People make blunders and errors, and end up regretting some of the things they do and say. Of course, they might not always own up to these mistakes. But each day you will get stronger, happier, and closer to moving on.

One day you'll surprise yourself by saying, "Wow. I haven't thought about that in so long. I remember when I never thought I'd say that. Just remember that the pain doesnt last forever. It only stays a while and you'll have to get over it eventually. Its not worth it to live with this burden. You don't ever really stop thinking about someone who hurt you because the process of being hurt is a learning experience so you would tend to hold onto that experience so that hopefully you don't allow it to happen again.

Being hurt by someone does allow us the opportunity to practice forgiveness, however. Forgiveness is not about letting the other person off of the hook for whatever they have done to us; it really isn't about the other person at all.

Forgiveness is a process for the individual to find peace and comfort after they have been wronged by others. In this instance, if you forgive the person who hurt you, you are acknowledging that what they did to you was wrong, but that you are choosing to move on beyond the hurt in a healthy way and continue with your life. It means that you are aware of your emotions and how the other person made you feel and that despite the feelings they created, you are choosing to handle the hurt while moving forward with your life and becoming a better person. The only way to stop feeling hurt is to stop thinking about it, keep out of situations that let your mind wander, keep doing activities that keep your mind engaged and you will eventually stop thinking about them or eventually stop caring.

Anonymous March 20th, am. Remember that they hurt you and you deserve so much better than pain. Give yourself time to move on. Anonymous February 13th, am. Moving on and forgetting the person is hard, even harder if you have memories that keep you with them. Time, that's my answer. Time healths wounds. Give yourself time and distract yourself. You will get better, I promise. Anonymous April 2nd, am.

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I wish I knew the answer, I wonder the same thing. I miss this person and know they won't love me back, the person is already taken. When someone hurt me really badly, i was depressed. But after realising that there's people who never would want to hurt me and who love me deeply, i saw what was the most important. It's true what they say: "people who hurt you don't matter and people who matter don't hurt you. When you have even one person who loves you, you will survive. Seems bad to me to give bad people real estate in your mind.

Maybe just this realization, that you're giving them prime property, can shift it. Also, on the level of mind, what you resist persists -- so when bad thoughts come, invite them to stay, and you may find that they shortly leave you. It can be difficult to stop thinking about someone who has hurt us, especially if there are some intense feelings involved.

Sometimes we need to find a safe space and allow ourselves to feel that pain. Do we feel betrayed, angry, lonely, rejected? Those feelings are all valid, and what's more, they're all temporary. If we can label our feelings and validate them, it helps us be a friend to ourselves in a hard situation. After we have found out how we feel, we can take some deep breaths and reflect on that person. How are they different from us? How are they similar?

Is it fair to say this person ultimately wants safety and happiness, just like us?

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What kinds of challenges does this person face? Can we empathize with their pain or their sadness? Can we genuinely make a wish for their wellbeing? It can be hard to wish someone well if they have hurt us, and we may not be able to at first. But with practice, sending compassion to all people, including those who have hurt us, helps us to heal and frees us from the cycle of dwelling on our pain.