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When you use a search engine, you will retrieve "hits" based on the web sites contained in that search engine's database. Instead, they search various individual search engines simultaneously on behalf of the user, and retrieve "hits" from each of those databases.

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Web site creators submit site descriptions to the directory; editors then review and select which sites will be included in the directory. Individual web sites are filed within searchable subject categories. In general, directory databases tend to be smaller than search engine databases. Con: Because search engines index so many words in their databases, they can easily retrieve hundreds of thousands of irrelevant returns from simple searches.

Meta-Search Engines: Pro: are very fast and are good to use if for simple simples and quick topic over-views. Web Directories Pro: are organized into browsable subject categories that can deliver higher quality, less irrelevant returns than search engines. All slide shows are open-access. Feel free to use information from the articles and slide shows, indeed even the slides themselves, with appropriate citation.

The 10 Best Image Search Engines

Hopefully this information can be disseminated widely, influencing current and future generations of health professionals and others concerned about creating a more just and peaceful world. Whether you are interested in finding all the news about your community, a company, industry, or issue, Topix.

The Wayback Machine allows people to access and use archived versions of stored websites; an essential tool for exploring back issues of e-newsletters, and other documents presented on a company organization or personal website. Type in an URL, select a date, and then begin surfing on an archived version of the web.

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Company information includes a profile, news, stock information, officers, number of employees, contact information, and website. Although Yippy now carries paid listings, when performing a default web search, it segregates these from the editorial results it gathers from other search engines and clearly labels them.

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    It now outsources its search results from a third-party provider. However, Ask. StartPage is another private search engine. It began as Ixquick in , but was later renamed StartPage, an easier to spell and more memorable name. Yandex is a Russian search engine originally launched in In May Yandex launched Yandex. Infospace provides metasearch and private-label internet search services for online search solutions. Dogpile is a metasearch engine that gets results from Google, Yahoo!

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    It currently gets about 7. WebCraweler was the first search engine to provide full text search. It was bought by AOL in June It still receives over 6 million monthly visitors. WolframAlpha is a valuable tool for academic and research purposes, as it provides statistics and definitions for user queries. It uses the money it earns from ad revenue to plant trees. It currently has over 7 million active users, and has planted more than 28 million trees.