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Standing Order The Court and the Court staff are not allowed to give legal advice. All legal questions should be directed to an attorney. Less if one if out sick. The interpreter does not stay for the entire process of the trial or hearing. On Criminal Trials for the Defendant: When a defendant needs an interpreter, one will be provided throughout the trial.

For any witnesses, please call the office. We will try to send another interpreter when one is available We appreciate your cooperation and patience when calling for an interpreter especially when there are courts on the waiting list. We are aware that attorneys at the last minute inform the court that they need an interpreter for their Criminal Trial.

Please specify if the interpreter is needed for the defentant or a witness.

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I know every court handles their hearings different but it would help if the defendants who need the interpreter can be heard first or within a reasonable time so as not to keep the interpreter waiting while other courts are waiting. Remember, you can be one of those courts waiting. When an interpreter has been released from a court, they call the office for the next assignment. Please DO NOT tell the interpreter to go to your court for a hearing that "won't take long" or that an attorney wants the interpreter for an attorney and their client on the side.

Because there are other courts waiting, everyone is assigned in the order that the courts call. Please use extension , which has always been the number to call for an interpreter rather than someone's extension in our office.

If no one answers which is rare then call our main number Martha A. Clark Court Reporter AClark epcounty. County Court at Law 3. Lee Court Reporter delee epcounty. County Court at Law 6. Judge M. Sue Kurita Contact Information: E.

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County Court at Law 1. County Court at Law 2. County Court at Law 4. County Criminal Court at Law 1. County Criminal Court at Law 2. Judge Robert S. Anchondo Contact Information: E. They are, essentially, the same thing and you are going to be hearing more and more about all of them. Last year, President Obama gave several speeches acknowledging that the criminal justice, especially as it pertains to individuals with substance abuse issues, is in need of some serious tweaking.

He called for new innovative and effective tools to combat crime. For over 12 years, El Paso criminal offenders with serious substance issues have been offered the opportunity to participate in drug courts. Drug court programs that not only help them beat drugs; they offer the offender the chance to become a better person.

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Simply stated, a drug court is an intense program that lasts about a year and is divided into four phases. There are unannounced visits from law enforcement, random drug-testing, and, most importantly, accountability for the defendant. There are currently 10 treatment courts in El Paso County that treat various populations including juveniles, prostitutes, veterans, and DWI offenders. The common denominators are that these courts treat individuals with substance abuse issues in a proven evidence-based manner and with an eye to not incarcerating these individuals but helping them.

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To be clear, reducing crime and saving money by reducing needless incarcerations are bipartisan goals. Governor Abbott and the Texas legislature are strong supporters of drug courts. On May 26th at p. County Criminal Court at Law 3.

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