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Remember Me? Our Fan Page Reviews Rules. Results 1 to 12 of Sprint Direct Connect Phones on Boost. I know there is an app available now on Android that works on some devices but I don't want a droid phone.

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I use a droid phone for personal use and business and it works great but I want a second phone for walkie talkie. I like the fact of still having a second walkie talkie type rugged simple phone with a dedicated push to talk button.

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Another question I have is, how are the DC Numbers assigned now? How would this work with "Sprint Direct Connect"? Reply With Quote. While I can't say for certain, I can almost guarantee that you will not be able to activate a Sprint DC phone on Boost. First off, unlike the old Nextel or Boost plans, where PTT was ingrained into the service, Sprint charges an extra fee for PTT service on the limited phones that support that, and I'm sure there is no mechanism in place to bill Boost users for that service.

Plus I'm sure you were hoping to get it at no extra charge. Lastly, there are no more Direct Connect Numbers. In the former system, the DC Number was a radio ID number which in the early days associated that user with a particular talk group or "Fleet. Later on, when the system became more sophisticated, the entire system became a giant "net," and the DC ID was simply used to identify the phone to the person calling to or from it.

The new Sprint Direct Connect is nothing like Nextel. Where as you said Nextel was basically a trunked two-way radio with telephone interconnect built-in, the new system uses "POC" Push-to-Talk over Cellular for IP-to-IP communications that resembles a traditional 2-way radio, though not nearly as fast or as reliable as the old trunking system, and simply uses the phone's PTN Public Telephone Number as it's Direct Connect identifier.

Interestingly, Nextel operated not as a cellular phone service, but as an SMR Specialized Mobile Radio dispatch system on Mhz, and the lower frequency range vs. While it will work with a slower 1xRTT signal, it is very "iffy. This however happened at times with Nextel, and sometimes it happened in the reverse, meaning that PTT worked, but no phone calls.

I use Zello extensively, and while it sounds like Nextel with the familiar "chirps" and "call alert," it is still not as reliable as Nextel ever was. But it does work across different carriers something which Nextel could never do without building some sort of bridge , and it is FREE, so it's certainly better than nothing. The problem with smartphones though, is that they do not have loud audio like the Motorola Nextel phones did.

Smartphones using PTT apps sound fine when indoors, but once you get them in a vehicle or outside, forget hearing a PTT call like you could on a Nextel. And like you I still miss my Nextel. I just typed up an entire book then as I was checking it for errors, I had a power failure. So here is the short version If the new "Sprint Direct Connect" phones use the phone number as the identifier instead of an assigned DC number, I assume that the DC software in the phone that uses the data side of the phone will work as long as there is a data connection and would require no other authentication.

They do have these phones also on other carriers that do not have the DC software so its obvious you want to make sure you get a Sprint branded phone. And yes I am aware of the white list.

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Yet You can still get a Sprint Branded non-smartphone activated on Boost, even if its not on the whitelist, with a little persistence. I had a friend a few weeks ago try to get his older flip Sprint flip phone on Boost as a featured phone so he could use it as an emergency phone. Third dealer got it done. It can happen, and its not impossible but is it worth the trouble? And if you are wondering why I want to do this, its because I have a client that used Nextel phones and he is now using androids with PTT apps and its very frustrating for them. They want to go back to phones with dedicated PTT buttons and functions.

Also, with their IDEN phones, they were all on Boost's pay per day plan so he could have 40 phones and they would only pay on the day they used them. Some phones were only used one or two days a work week.

T-Minus 36 hours: The Nextel network goes dark (Don’t say you weren’t warned) – Gigaom

The phones that they used more than 15 days a month would be on their own Sprint account for DC. Plus they want rugged phones that are speaker mic compatible. The Sonim XP Strike has a speaker mic jack. So if I can get a "Sprint Direct Connect" activated on Boost on the pay per day plan, they are golden. Plus if you go on Ebay and do a search for any of these phones in a "Lot", You can find people selling them in 10 or more quantities pretty cheap.

Seems like a win win honestly if I can get it to work. Hey I hear ya.

Push to Talk on BlackBerry Devices

My last iDEN phone was the Blackberry i, and I thought that was the coolest thing since sliced bread at the time. You may not have optimal performance while roaming internationally. To avoid these charges and performance issues you may disable Push to Talk when travelling abroad. To make a Push to Talk PTT call to someone who is not on your Push to Talk contact list, enter the person's digit mobile number the 3-digit area code and the 7-digit mobile number , and press and hold the " PTT " button.

If you add a 1 before the area code, or only enter the 7-digits forgetting the area code , the call will not complete. No, you do not need a special Push to Talk phone number; you only need one Verizon Wireless mobile telephone number for both voice calls and Push to Talk calls. To disable your Push to Talk temporarily, simply disable the Push to Talk mode on your phone. Others will see you as unavailable during this time. Remember to enable the Push to Talk mode to start receiving Push to Talk calls. The left convenience key will default to the PTT button when the Push To Talk application is downloaded to your device.

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The left convenience key is the only button that can be used for Push To Talk. You can manage your individual and group contact lists on your Push to Talk device or on the My Business website. General Information What is Push to Talk? Which phones are enabled with Push to Talk? Where will my Push to Talk service work?

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What happens when I receive a regular voice call while using Push to Talk? What happens when I receive a Push to Talk call while on a regular voice call? Will my regular voice calls be interrupted when I receive a Push to Talk alert? Will I be charged Airtime for my Push to Talk calls? Do I need to have a special Push to Talk phone number?

How can I disable Push to Talk temporarily? What do I do?