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You can ask for an official transcript, but if it's just a friend you think is bullshitting you then you're not going to get that. Seconding contacting the registrar's office. But yeah I wouldn't expect them to be too forthcoming with info. Do you know when they graduated? You could try and find a graduation program from that particular ceremony, but that isn't a sure bet one way or the other. You could check the university's alumni association or library's websites for this info. Out of curiosity, looked up my university.

I mean, I suppose you could contact the registrar's office. You could also ask the person question to show you a transcript or an official diploma.

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A lot of american schools have online directory which is accessible to the public which can confirmed if someone attended the institute. The only time itwont show is if the person sent a request to be removed or never went. Speaking as someone who had to prove my degree for grad school: That person should contact the university and request official transcripts be sent to you.

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It's a standard thing and if the person refuses, they're full of shit. I'm hesitant since no one is mentioning it, but could you not just ask to see their diploma?

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It should have unforgeable graphics, I think. I didn't pick up my diploma until many, many years after I graduated.

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Had no use for it. Got it then just for yucks. They want to give you advice. They think they can help you in some way. Or they're just nosy and want to know what the skinny is. No matter the details, it never hurts to hear what someone else has to say.

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