How to find out locations of ip address

I've made a series about it, and hopefully that will help you. If it doesn't, there are many other ways. I think it has been discontinued. Is there a solution to it? Thanks friend.

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I found the correct command. Also this command does not work. I had to delete the latter part "mv GeoLiteCity. I'm pretty sure it's a typo in your code. Try sending us a screenshot so we can help you debug it. This code looks good, so I would look at your setuptools. Did they get moved into your pygeoip directory? If that is exactly what your code looks like, you no doubt get an error because there should be a comma between key and val and not a dot like you have there.

Python 2. I did everything else correct but when I try to run I have no results The print was indented No error came up just no results. So can anyone help me find a exact location of a Ip adress. The owner of the ip have been sending threats to a friend of mine, saying that she will die. We don't know who the person is because he or she is using a fake account on fb. I dont have any experience of this so I hope any of you people can help me! The IP is: This method will only provide you with the city of the IP.

To find the exact location, you will need to go to the ISP with a subpoena or search warrant.

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I folloved your instruction and it is showing my this :. Everything is going well, but after the "print" line it stays blank. So it shows no location. I found the problem. Or just leave out "key" in that line and than also in the following line I have a serious problem help me please! When i put : python setup. This script requires setuptools version 0. I will start the download in 15 seconds. Hi, I am facing some trouble with a person through his messages online. I badly want to locate this person. If anyone already has the setup, can u please look into one IP address and let me know the location?

Please suggest me where can I find the aircrack-ng compatible wireless card and which one to buy? My setup is done in Oracle VirtualBox. Is the wireless card mandatory and what would be its setup? You skipped some steps.

A word about accuracy:

You are on the wrong directory. Go back and start again and follow each step carefully. I got it. Checked with giving my IP as input, it is pointing to the correct city. But when I input the other IP address I wanted to know about, it just shows the country and co ordinates. And the co ordinates points to a city. Do u think this location as per the co ordinates is true?

How to change IP location | F-Secure FREEDOME VPN | F-Secure

Also I got all these without using a wireless card with the VirtualBox. Do u think it is OK? Awaiting response.

You can't find the "exact location" of an IP Address You can find the neighborhood, maybe. City, possibly. But the exact location is never true Hey hi, I got all the setup done. And the co ordinates points to a location. How close this location would be as per the co ordinates?

Those method only works for static IPs. Yeah, but hackers want to have a static IP, otherwise reverse connections can only last for a short period of time.

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  4. I am a total newbie, please be nice, i really want to know how to get victim's IP address, ive seen a lot of your articles and metasploit attacks along with XP webcam Remote keylogger,. All require an IP address of the victim, how do i get that? I tried out everything and the 'python setup. I also double checked whether the 'mv' command is typed properly, and all seems to be fine..

    Any help is greatly appreciated. When you download the setup tools, make sure you are in the pygeoip The move command in the tutorial is just renaming the file, its not actually moving it to another location, which would take care of that error. Hope this helps. It worked for me till the end, but it just doesn't display anything after the "print" line. I tried it 5 times on two different machines, but nothing worked out. I am starting to think that database has some problem.

    Anyone else have the same problem? Using Kali sana 2. Just installed Kali about a week ago, and have been rather busy so I haven't done much with it. Did it with Virtual Machine, and tried following these instructions, but nothing seems to happen. This is what I end up getting instead Anyone know what's wrong? Since I haven't really done anything with Kali yet, am I missing programs that need to be installed prior to this? There is nothing wrong except that you need to study Linux.

    You are using the ls command incorrectly. I strongly recommend that study my Linux for aspiring Hackers series. How to determine the IP address of a computer or website. How does a website or advertisement know where I am? How do I change my IP address? How can I fix an IP conflict? Internet help and support. Was this page useful? The main difference between IPv4 and IPv6 is the number of possible addresses. IPv4 only allows for about 4 billion, because it uses just 32 bits. IPv6 was introduced in to ensure that the world would not run out anytime soon: IPv6 uses bits, resulting in 3.

    To use the internet, all connected devices must have a public IP address. An IP address allows two devices—the sender and recipient of internet communications—to find and exchange information with each other.

    The setup is similar to real-life address systems. For example, if you were to subscribe to a magazine, the magazine distributor the sender would need your address to send you the recipient your copies. The same applies to the internet. Without an IP address, two devices would not be able to find and exchange information with each other. Each computer or device in your home network has a unique private IP address so it can communicate with all the others, but nothing outside of the local network can see them or establish a connection.