Iowa divorce laws on undisclosed assets

He only agreed to giving me half so could use it to start over. He got our home and land. The xompany wont send me commencement documents. Thank you in advance. Heather Hopkins.

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I was not married to him at the time that he worked there. However we have no prenuptial agreement about money or assets including pension payouts. He says he is going to freeze our joint bank account and that will leave me to try and raise his two children without any cash flow for a few weeks at least.

Can he legally do this? I also have a child support from my first marriage that gets direct deposited into this joint account weekly. This would mean I could not access my daughter money that is in our joint account. Thank you, Tori.

A Step-by-Step Process for Dividing Real Estate After Divorce

You can ask the bank whether he can do this and see what they say. If my ex remarried after our divorce, is he able to go back on me and petition my K now? If he was awarded part of your k then he is entitled to that portion. If it was awarded all to you, then he is not. My divorce was final one year ago. I was awarded half of my ex husbands retirement. My lawyer tried to do a quadro. My ex husbands company has it set up in a way that I cannot get my half till he passes away or retires.

Is there anyway I can force a payout for my share? I still have bills from when I was married that I cannot afford to pay and my credit is ruined. If your divorce has already been finalized and you did not sue for half of the military pension; am I able to do so now? I was really not counseled on this during the time of the divorce. I live in NC. But if it was silent, you may be able to open the case up again to divide an omitted asset.

And since this is a military pension, there may be special rules that apply, perhaps even a rule that says that you are entitled no matter what your divorce agreement says.

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Talk to an attorney about this issue. I have the QDRO and it is filed with the retirement administrator but I was recently told if he moves to Texas that the state of Texas will not honor it. Is that true? I was divorced in I did not know about a QDRO. Did not file one Now I do know and will file one. I am awarded half his pension retirement and k. Who do I talk to to help do this an Attorney I suppose.

Using Quitclaim Deeds in Divorce

Who is a retired administrator? Ask an attorney or their paralegal for a recommendation to a QDRO specialist. It is served on the plan administrator, and the QDRO specialist will determine who that is. I was told I could get the money from his retirement want can I do. And if not, where do i receive one? Can you send me a form? THank you so much for all the time you have taken to help us.

I was married 21 yrs to a man who has worked at Dow Chemical for now I am taking him back to court to get him to do it, but now Im wondering a should I just do it myself? Im going to contact the admin tomorrow and start asking questions so on our court date I know a bit more what Im talking about. And last, he makes K a yr I know he wants to retire at 30yrs.. Soon he put max in the entire time.. About how much is it worth?

I am now rasing my grandchildren and renting and have been struggling or 7 yrs,even homeless because he wasnt paying our mortgage.. I did read in the plan that they do give out money with a qdro even though he cannot get his until retirement.. I think that means I can have my money when I get this done.

How is property divided between two spouses in a divorce in Ontario?

Actual divorce has not been granted as there were all sorts of other issues TRO and custody so We had to back-burner a lot of the financials to get through the custody issues. It has been 2 years and we are back to tie up the divorce. What are the very first and basic steps that I can take to complete this portion. Who do I contact first? Once you understand that terminology, the way to proceed will be clear. Judge have me half of his retirement. Lawyer took fees to distribute ours in half.

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No word anywhere. How do I find it and can I go thru bankrupty without it? Better idea to try? My situation is I was getting half my ex husbands pension, he committed suicide and they stopped it immediately, when I inquired, they told me he had put it somewhere that upon his death benefits stop. If you were awarded a portion of his pension in your property settlement and you prepared a Qualified Domestic Relations Order to secure your share, then the election that you made when the payments began is what should govern.

If you were simply awarded a portion of the payments he receives as he receives them, then when the payments cease upon his death you will no longer receive a share, since there is nothing for it to be paid from. Once the QDRO is prepared and filed on the plan administrator and accepted by the administrator, then they will put the provisions into place fairly quickly after that. That company was sold several times. My ex stayed still with them. He is 64 now. Was to be contacted in Attorney who did our divorce is currently looking into what happened.

Hope, pray for good outcome as I am disabled…was hit by car while walking etc…long tragic story. Thank you for this site! You may be able to do it yourselves with a prototype form that the plan administrator can give you. Through my daughter I found out he should be retiring in 1 year. I just need to find out what form do I need to file to make sure I get half his retirement. My email is Vmolina gmail. You need to have a Qualified Domestic Relations Order prepared and filed on the retirement plan administrator.

You can use a search engine to find someone to prepare it or ask a knowledgable divorce professional in your area. In my divorce papers it states a formula of what I get with the dates from this day to this day in the divorce papers it also states that once approved I should receive my portion as soon as feasibly possible and mentions 30 days.

Buying a Home — Dealing with Undisclosed Repairs

This goes against what the divorce papers state. Is it possible to have my portion transferred to me prior to his retirement. The court cannot award a benefit greater than what the plan provides for. If the plan provides that you can receive your portion through a withdrawal or transfer to an IRA, then you can do that.

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Otherwise, the plan likely provides that the employee spouse must reach retirement age before payments can be made. I agreed to waive my rights to it in the divorce decree. Can I file a motion to change that decision.