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If you suspect there will be major disagreements during this process, or if you are concerned about property or child custody issues, it is advisable to seek the help of a divorce attorney. Many people have found that using an online divorce document service such as CompleteCase. With CompleteCase. This divorce rate puts Colorado at the higher end for divorce rates in the U.

Colorado is a no-fault divorce state. No-fault means that divorcing couples do not need to place blame on one spouse or the other to obtain a divorce from the court.

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You or your spouse must be a resident of Colorado for at least 90 days before you are able to submit divorce documents. When you visit the site, you will discover that there are a number of possible forms to complete.

There are options for those with no children and options for those with children. If your spouse is not filing with you, then you will also need to serve your spouse with a Summons for Dissolution or Marriage. Looking over the Colorado Judicial Branch website and the available forms, it is easy to get overwhelmed. There are numerous options and many divorce forms to choose from. You will also discover that some of these forms are quite detailed as Colorado requires complete and accurate information.

Now that you have completed all of your Colorado divorce paperwork, you are ready to submit it to your local county clerk in your specific district.

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Avoid signing any sworn statements or affidavits before you go to the court, because these documents need to be notarized. Most courts will have a notary on hand, although you may want to call ahead to make sure.

Also, make copies of all of your documents before you file. You will want at least two copies along with the original — one to give to the court and one to serve to your spouse. The payment processing center for child support in the state of Colorado. Questions regarding the status of a child support payment or account and address changes.

Topics include establishment of paternity, contest of paternity, and the establishment, modification, and enforcement of child support orders under the federal IV-D program. Information on how to apply for services, guidelines on calculating child support, and all child support obligations will also be provided.

General questions are welcome but direct legal advice may not be provided. Colorado Courts Self-Help Center www. Potomac St. Mulberry Pl. Legal night offers free legal information from volunteer lawyers. Consultation concerning immigration, credit, housing, landlords, employment issues, family law. Child Support Enforcement Dept.

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For the Public - Denver Bar Association www. For El Paso County, call For Larimer County, call Everyone calls it a divorce, but it is officially called a dissolution of marriage. The process begins by filing a Petition For Dissolution of Marriage. If one person files, then the other must either be served with a Summons and the Petition, or sign a waiver of service. The Response can be done individually or with the help of a lawyer.

The Response advises the Court that one is taking part in the legal process. No Response is necessary when there is a Co-Petition filed, since both spouses have asked for the divorce. Once that initial stage is passed, two things happen quickly.

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One is that each spouse is required to make certain mandatory financial disclosures known as Rule The other is that the court will set an Initial Status Conference, at which the parties and lawyers, if any, must appear. This is a relatively informal meeting with the Court to determine what needs to be done to get the case ready for settlement or trial. If needed, the court will order expert witnesses appointed, schedule a hearing for temporary orders on such matters as child support, maintenance, parenting time , and schedule a final trial date in the event a settlement is not reached prior to that time.

The vast majority of cases are, however, settled without a trial. Next is a period of discovery , in which each party may be required to make additional disclosures of documents and information. If custody now known as allocation of parental responsibilities is disputed, the court may appoint a Child and Family Investigator CFI or Parental Responsibilities Evaluator PRE to look into the situation and make a recommendation to the parties and court.

Follow this link for further information on parental responsibilities, parenting time, and child support.