Never look down on someone unless

I feel like drawing a picture to go with this Too true.

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Love the quote, love the photo. GuineaGirl Hobbyist General Artist. Haha, clever. Very powerful message!

Quote by Jesse Jackson

Keep it up! Dragons-Triforce Hobbyist General Artist. I love the quality of the photo, but adds to the quote. Core Membership. Terms of Service. Privacy Policy. Copyright Policy. But perhaps their true colours were exposed instead? Who knows.

Out of a negative, comes a positive. That is who he is but for me, I so just know it is going to wind them up even more. Because we can.

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  • Never look down on anybody unless you’re helping him up.;
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There is no point in dwelling over an iota of bitterness because that iota is only going to grow into an ounce, which in time will weigh tons; becoming overbearing and diseasing your mind along with your soul. Deal with it. Lone campaigners have the passion and desire to see change out of frustration, due to the pace or finances others impose. It is happening everywhere, the most blindingly obvious has to be the government who more or less went to school with one another. Naturally there will always be one or two who lose their footing along the way but since people know how it feels to be bullied , isolated, singled out, put down and how it hurts to be kicked whilst down after so long, it has automatically become second nature to us to help them up on their way again.

Never look down on someone unless you're getting head

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  4. Never Look Down On Anyone Unless You Are Helping Them Up (Men).
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    “Never look down on anybody unless you're helping him up.” —Jesse Jackson | tuoswerdupvajef.ml

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    Never look down on anybody unless you're helping them up

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