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The hospital where he died would have nothing to do with the stated cause of death. Death certificates can be medically amended in Texas if the person who certified the death believes there was an error in determining the cause of death. However, if in fact it was a medical examiner who signed the death certificate then the cause of death is final.

You should contact the funeral provider who handled his arrangements for more detailed information.

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Has the process of waiting on death certificate improved since April , just wondering how long of a wait it would be for me and my family. Thank you.

Hi Erica, We have seen some improvement but it is very sporadic. We are currently seeing average wait times of approximately 2 to 3 weeks from the time we file until we receive the certified death certificates.

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However, some records are still taking as long as 4 to 5 weeks. My husband died in Shreveport la but his autopsy was done in Dallas TX who will have the death certificate. Hi April, The death certificate will be on file in Louisiana since that was the place of death. Your funeral director should be coordinating this for you. My mom dies suddenly due to medication prescribed by Primary Care Physician which was wrongfully prescribed a black box warning was issued by FDA this should have been the cause of death yet the PCP was the one who filled out the death certificate and failed to state that on certificate.

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PCP also failed to properly complete the certificate what can I do. Hi Maria, In Texas if the cause of death is mistakingly completed on the death certificate it can be amended by the person who certified the death. You can request that the PCP amend the death certificate.

I have had families that ordered a private autopsy and used those findings to pursue a legal resolution. If this is the case, your options will be limited.

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My father recently passed on September 14, due to pancreatic cancer. The hospice doctor has yet to determine cause of death and the death record has not been submitted. Is there anything we can do? What are our next steps? Dad wanted to be cremated and his body has been in cold storage since his death. Any information would be appreciated. So hard for us. Hi Linda, By law the doctor has 10 days to sign the death certificate.

There is very little you can do until his allowed time has elapsed. Request that your cremation provider call the doctor every day until the death certificate is signed. I would also call the hospice and express your concern. Best regards, Roy. My husband passed away on October 8th, After the paperwork sat at county court house for 4 days, it was finally sent off, however his SS number had 2 numbers switched.

We live in a very small town with one funeral home. Is there anything I can do on my part to expedite getting the death certificates before I lose my home? Thank you, Shirley. Hi Shirley, We have seen some progress with getting certified copies of the death certificate. Our wait times are now between 2 to 3 weeks.

Your funeral home can file an amendment but it will take months to amend the original document.

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I would ask whomever you are dealing with if they will accept some other form of documentation to prove death. The funeral home can supply you with a Report of Death.

This is an informal document that reports the death to the local registrar. General Information Birth records are confidential for 75 years from the date of the event. All births recorded in Fort Bend County from the late s to the present are available.

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Death records are confidential for 25 years from the date of the event. All deaths recorded in Fort Bend County from to the present are available. Birth certificates are issued in two forms — full copies or abstract copies. Full copies will always be issued if the County Clerk's Office is the holder of the record. For persons born in Texas between to the present, but not born in Fort Bend County, birth certificates can be obtained in abstract form only.

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Abstract copies may be not suitable for passport purposes.