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Tenant credit checks: What landlords and property managers need to know

High risk tenants target unwitting landlords using counterfeited documents, friends for references and little fear of any consequence. The income loss from unpaid rent over the time it takes to evict, can have a tremendous negative impact on a rental business. Canada Rental Guide helps landlords and property managers reach quality home renters with easy-to-use tools for posting vacancies, managing leads and tracking advertising performance on the fly and in real-time.

Canadian Tenant Inspection Services will conduct periodic inspections of your rental properties to ensure lease compliance, deter criminal activity and identify issues.

Credit Report

The focus is on asset protection through regular tenant inspections. National People Locator specializes in locating physical residential addresses, places of employment, place of banking and assets, as well as process serving services to a variety of clientele. Like us on Facebook. Protect Your Income. Screen Your Tenants.

Tenant background checks should be easy.

Know who's getting the keys. Manage risk wisely.

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  • Tenant Screening.

Eliminate High Risk Tenants Screen tenants professionally. The required forms will vary by company, but can include:.

Tenant Screening | Landlord Credit Check and Background Check

It can take from 2 to 10 days to get approved, but once approved, it will be a much quicker turnaround time to run credit checks on prospective tenants. Checks can sometimes be done in a matter of seconds.

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Other landlords do not charge a fee because they are afraid that a fee will deter even good tenants from applying to rent their property. An online search will provide many other options.

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Before you give your information to any company, do your homework and make sure they are a trusted company. Of course, running a credit check on somebody comes with a fee, and so sometimes a landlord or realtor will charge all applicants for the credit-check fee regardless of the outcome.

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  5. Introducing our new, easy-to-use application and screening tool..
  6. Certain agencies can provide you with the credit check in a matter of seconds, while others will take a few days to verify the information. Scam artists and professionals tenants know how to falsify information.

    Get access to tenant screening tools that are easy to use and help you find the right renter.

    Make sure you have the same move-in requirements for everyone. There are often mistakes on a credit report that the tenant may not even be aware of.

    In addition, good people fall on hard times and the blemish may not be a representation of their attitude toward financial responsibility. A spouse could have run up debt under their name or there could be fraudulent charges on the report that they are not even aware of. It never hurts to confront the tenant and listen to their explanation.

    You must include the exact reasons for your rejection. You are also required to provide them with the name, address and phone number of the agency you used to run the credit report and inform them of their right to request a free copy of their credit report from the agency within 60 days.

    Tenant Screening 101: Conducting a Background Check for Your Salt Lake City Rental Property

    Run a credit check on all prospective tenants, not just the ones who "rub you the wrong way. Landlords must be approved by a credit check or tenant screening company to run credit checks on prospective tenants. Screen all applicants in the exact same manner so you are not accused of discrimination.