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In counties that have a Community Correction Agency it appears that they will be handling the Class D probation supervision. Generally if a person is convicted of a Class D felony there will be some form of probation supervised by a Community Corrections agency, with some form of drug and alcohol testing and classes. If the person has prior felony convictions, it is likely that there could be a split sentence that includes time served in community corrections or work release.

What is the new Class D Felony in Alabama? Posted on May 20, by John Aaron. The sentencing ranges were: Class A felony — life or not more than 99 years or less than 10 years; Class B felony — 20 years to 2 years; and Class C felony — 10 years to 1 year and 1 day. This entry was posted in Criminal Defense , Drug Crimes. Bookmark the permalink.

Have a question? Contact Us. The difference is that if the state determines that it is a matter of public interest to unseal your records, they can be accessed if they are not expunged. Additionally, some agencies may be able to learn that you have a sealed record, even if they cannot access it, while if your record is expunged, there is no record to know about.

Applying for a pardon in Alabama is entirely possible if you go through all of the required steps.

Does Alabama currently have a felony expungement law?

It isn't always easy to get a pardon, but the application process can happen. You are not a resident of Alabama. The Board will consider pardon applications for Alabama, federal, or out-of-state convictions only if you are a resident of Alabama at the time the Board considers your application.

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If you were convicted of a city ordinance. You should apply for a pardon from the mayor of that city rather than through the Board. The above is just the information that the Board requires. It is better to choose individuals who are not related to you, to avoid the appearance of bias. If you do not remember all of your convictions, you should go to the nearest local police station, and they can show you how to obtain your criminal record for Alabama offenses. So, there you have it. Three separate ways to get rid of your record in Alabama.

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  • More Alabama nonviolent offenders may avoid prison under law now in effect, DAs not happy.
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  • Use of these names, logos, and brands does not imply endorsement. Record Sealing Sealing your record in Alabama is similar to expungement, but your record still exists in a limited form. Pardons If you receive a pardon in Alabama, you still have record of your arrest or charge, but your guilt is exonerated. Felony Expungement in Alabama. Sealing a Record in Alabama.

    Can You Apply for a Pardon in Alabama? Can You Expunge a Felony in Alabama?

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    Violent felony offense If your felony is a violent offense, then you are not eligible for expungement. If you are not eligible for expungement based on our test, then you should stop here. If you are eligible based on our test and want to do this without a lawyer, continue reading. In Alabama, a Petition for Expungement shall include, among other information, the following: File a Petition for Expungement.

    In Alabama, a Petition for Expungement shall include, among other information, the following: 1 a sworn statement made by you, seeking expungement, under the penalty of perjury stating that you have satisfied the requirements of the Alabama Expungement statute section of the Alabama Code. The expungement petition should state the grounds for the court to consider, and shall specify what criminal charges from the record are to be considered for expungement.

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    You may need to prepare for a scheduled hearing. The Court will take into account 10 things when considering your petition. They are listed here. Your record took place while you are an adult Your criminal record took place while you have been an adult, over the age of